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How do you Back Up and Restore your Metamask Wallet using the Seed Phrase?

How do you Back Up and Restore your Metamask Wallet using the Seed Phrase?

Finding it hard to Restore your existing Metamask Wallet? Don’t worry, I was also there on the same boat some time ago and it is not as hard as you think. All you have to do is just follow the easy step-by-step instructions given below. As simple as that!

Instructions to Restore Metamask Wallet

So, If you have changed your browser or computer and want to reconnect with your wallet, here is how to do it, 

In order to Back up and Restore your Metamask Wallet using the Seed Phrase, you must Locate your Secret Seed Phrase, which you should have written down or saved somewhere in the first place(Don’t say that you forgot to write it down, it may be impossible to Restore the Wallet if you don’t have the Seed Phrase. So, always make sure to write down the Seed Phrase somewhere safe while Creating a New Wallet).

Click on the account icon.

Click Settings.

Find Reveal Seed Words and Click it.

Enter your Password.

Save the Secret Seed Phrase somewhere safe, preferably not on your computer’s hard drive. You have completed the backup process; all that remains is for you to learn the restoring procedure.

So, In order to Restore your MetaMask Wallet, you will have to Open your MetaMask & Click Import using the Account Seed Phrase.

Enter your Seed Phrase.

Create a new Strong Password.

Click Restore.

Congratulations! You have now Successfully Recovered your Metamask Account.

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